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Every pregnant woman wants to ensure that she’s doing everything she can to keep her baby safe and healthy. Everyone knows that pregnancy comes with aches and pains, but some women are concerned about how pain relievers will affect the baby. Our team at Front Range Sports Medicine is here to help pregnant women feel their best. Call our Castle Rock, CO, office to schedule an appointment for prenatal chiropractic care.


Why Do Pregnant Women Have Aches and Pains?

Pregnant women have aches and pains during pregnancy because the shifting center of gravity that occurs as the baby grows puts a strain on the back. Lower back, hip, and sciatic nerve pain are some of the most common that occur in pregnant women.

Those aches and pains aren’t the only ones that pregnant women face. They also have other issues, such as heartburn and nausea. Others may get headaches or joint aches. All of these can make their pregnancy miserable.

How Can a Chiropractor Help Pregnant Women?

Care from an experienced chiropractor can help to address most of the aches, pains, and discomforts that pregnant women face. The gentle adjustments don’t pose a risk to the baby. They work to get the spine moving properly so there isn’t any undue pressure on the muscles and ligaments.

Receiving care can also help to prepare the woman’s body for labor and delivery. The gentle adjustments can help get the hips into proper alignment. This helps provide the most room for the baby as it moves down the birth canal. While it won’t remove the pain of birth, it can help to make it a lot less stressful for the mother and the baby.

After the woman has the baby, she can transition into postnatal care. This can help to correct the effects of the trauma of birth. She can also get pediatric chiropractic adjustments for the baby, which can help to correct spinal trauma that occurs during birth. The baby may have relief from colic and could sleep better after these adjustments are done.

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You don’t have to suffer without relief. Our team at Front Range Sports Medicine is here to provide prenatal chiropractic care to Castle Rock, CO, residents. Give our office a call at (303) 688-8855 to schedule your initial appointment today. We are ready to help you find pain relief. 


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